Help Someone Else

When you can’t do anything about your own situation, you feel helpless and hopeless, you might still be able to help someone else in need of another kind.  I did, I wrote about that, and it did improve my mental health and sense of purpose.  From signing an online petition to monthly financial commitment, there are all kinds of ways to feel useful and part of a caring community.

Bravehearts Helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse 

Reach Helping young people (and their teachers) slay their dragons and become the best they can be 

Oxfam Projects to overcome poverty all over the world 

Plan International  Tackling poverty and inequality, especially Because I Am A Girl

UNHCR The UN Refugee Agency 

YWCA Equality Rights Alliance 

Whistleblowers Australia 

KY Anonymous Steubenville, Ohio, ring any bells for you? 

Amnesty International  Raising human rights issues globally

Joyful Heart Foundation  Mariska Hegarty, deadset HERO 

Project Unbreakable


*I’d love your suggestions here*

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