Where You Can Find Me

One of the reasons I started this blog is to make connections.  Begin a dialogue.  Talk.  Share.  Because the more things like this are able to be discussed, even without names and details, we can feel stronger and less isolated.  Also, the power of the secret is diminished.  Piece by tiny piece.  But talking can be about more than THE ISSUE.

My email address is fromawhispertoaroar@gmail.com 

I am on twitter @thelionwhoroars 

I am on Pinterest as little lion 

I am at Wanderlust‘s Healing Through Storytelling Directory 

I was published in BlogHer’s Voices of the Year 2012 Anthology 

I am somewhere on Facebook but it’s been while.  TBC!

I am going to dip my toe in at tumblr soon…

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