Fresh Misogyny, Served Daily!

The news headlines offer us a fresh batch of misogyny and double standards daily.  It has become an exercise in stealth just to scan social networking sites because as people share articles, you cannot help but be exposed to what is on offer.  It is rage-inducing, to say the least.

Whether you’ve read The Misogyny Factor or not, you will have surely noticed its presence in the media and how stories are reported. Journalists and bloggers-who-wish-they-were-journalists seem impervious to the carefully crafted guidelines for reporting that have been thoughtfully produced by advocacy groups and the like.  The link between how news is presented to the public and how they absorb and assimilate that information cannot be ignored.  Thoughts, emotions and responses to information help to form opinion on issues and therefore public response.  Take a look at some headlines on offer today and it is no question at all that the misogyny factor reigns supreme.

The following links are using so that you can click without giving the bastards more site traffic, unless indicated.

Intoxicated Sexual Assault Victims Are Just As Guilty As Their Attackers

On ‘feeling sick’ about calling Woody Allen an abuser

Gang rape of young girl ‘unprovoked’ and ‘out of character for this area’ 

The sentencing of Lisa Harnum’s murderer, her boyfriend, and the horror behaviour of his supporters  (direct link to Guardian article)

‘Drug Addled Prostitute’ convicted of killing potential ‘client’ 

‘Rescue Yourselves’ from sexual assault, says Emily Yoffe 

On ‘hashtag injustice’ for Woody Allen (no, seriously…)


Rather than pour bleach in your eyes after those pearlers, try the following remedy:

Take one post that names the problem – Abusive Men and their Supports (direct link because it’s GOOD) from 2013 and follow it with a chaser of widdle baby animals (direct link).

Lather, rinse and repeat.

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