Harassment and the “Occupational Hazard of Being Female”

Rings true for me and includes some good links I’ll add to my blog. Thanks!

Purposefully Scarred

“I came into work one day with a black eye from playing racquetball without protective eye wear the previous day. When I told my boss about it, he asked if I finally made my boyfriend the sandwich” (linked above, submission to The Power of Harassment).

Inspired by and fashioned similarly to the Everyday Sexism Project, The Power of Harassment is a place for women to share their stories of harassment: the forum “exists to offer a space where we can share our stories without fear of retribution. Perhaps by contributing your story, you’ll feel a sense of relief. Or maybe you’ll gain a new awareness of your own behavior, whether as a target or as a complicit party. My hope is that by sharing and internalizing these stories, it will help us recognize how problematic — and even traumatic — those seemingly small instances of occupational sexism might be, and motivate us…

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