Speaking Up: The Awesome of Eden Riley

Speak up, make your voice heard

Speak up, make your voice heard (Photo credit: HowardLake)

The other day I was thinking about writing on a blog like this.  It is a unique form of communicating about vital, deeply personal topics which can struggle to find a genuine forum amongst the general public.  Recent comments from others on here and twitter have reminded me of the power of exposing a bit of your own struggle.  You take a little risk but when you connect with someone it is extremely satisfying.  For me posting on the blog is like silently screaming from deep inside. Any relevance my words may have for another person can feel like a salve for the hurt.  Soothes the screaming beast.  *better than drugs*

I wish I wrote about another topic, mind you, and that I could connect with others on a serious but slightly less difficult note.  But…here we are and thank the stars for that!  I often recall the first night I typed through snot and tears to compose what became my first post on here.  I was too chicken to just share it so I sent it to @edenland in an email first.  (She had no idea who I was or wtf I was forcing confessional prose on her)  I think people like Eden Riley might get random communication like that a bit, in retrospect.  If you have not seen her writing please just go now.  What are you waiting for?  Seriously.  Go there.

What was it about Eden that I felt an affinity with?  What excites me about 2012 Australia’s Best Blogger?  To be honest, more than I can share here…but that woman is a pocket rocket of raw, gutsy truth.  It’s really wonderful for a human being to share and learn and speak her truth.  We really are surrounded by bullshit and spin everywhere we look.

I probably sound star struck.  I don’t care.  I think it is wonderfully life-affirming to come across people who remind you about what matters and that you should own your truth and do whatever the hell you want with it.  I want to live a life with as much honesty and integrity as people like Eden.

When she replied to my random email with encouragement I was in bed.  I looked at the phone and my eyes popped out!  Then I shed a few Happy Tears, clicked on *publish* and that is when I truly began to tackle PTSD and start healing (instead of just managing), from this place right here.  That’s an *amazing* impact to have on someone.

I’m forever grateful to Eden for being herself xxx

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