My Greatest Fear by Breann Hill

Another brave young woman dares to speak up. Thank you for sharing.


My brave daughter, Breann, wrote an essay intended for a contest.  But unfortunately, the school will not allow her to submit it due to the content.  It’s too “explicit” in their opinion.  With her permission, she has allowed me to post it on my blog.

My greatest fear happened last year, in 2012, over spring break. We went to Michigan to visit my grandparents. While we were there, on Saturday night, my grandfather sexually assaulted me. On Sunday, while my grandfather was giving a speech in church, I was wondering if what happened to me was a dream. I found out later, that it was real when it happened a second time on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, my mom came and sat down next to me. I told her, “I think someone touched me inappropriately.” My dad confronted my grandfather, and my grandfather confessed and said he did sexually…

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2 thoughts on “My Greatest Fear by Breann Hill

  1. I can barely come to terms with how powerfully affected I am by this essay.
    Your daughter is a very brave young woman indeed, as are you and your partner.
    Her trust in you is beautiful and wonderful, as is the evidence of it being well placed.
    I hope that something can be done to change the school’s opinion regarding the submission of Breann’s essay, as I cannot think of a more perfect (and wonderfully articulate) contribution to their collective awareness of sexual assault.

    I also feel strongly that if Breann wishes it, you should attempt to have her essay more widely published. It touches so eloquently on a variety of points, and all from an incredibly personal and powerful place. I have spent all morning lying in bed reading my feminist blog feed (as I am wont to do) and despite the wealth of stories and opinions on and about rape and sexual assault that I have consumed, I was moved to tears by this essay.

    I just, oh, she is so brave and wonderful! Have I said that already?

  2. wow! Thank you so much. Her dad and I are very proud of her. She has been given a great platform with a non profit organization called Voice Today. She has now entered the realm of public speaking. She gave her first speech back in May. She has 2 tv interviews (one with CNN) and 2 other speaking engagements. This has taken us places that we never thought could.

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