The Way Sexual Violence is Reported In Our Media

This! Reporting on sexual assault and rape shows clear signs of deflection and places the victim under the microscope rather than a GANG of predators! Yes, I too would like to see a message at the end of each report: Be warned – Rape and Sexual Assault will NOT BE TOLERATED and you will feel the FULL FORCE OF THE LAW. With some menace. You know, like the threats spewed at desperate people seeking asylum. Except more appropriate and backing up real victims of very real crimes.

the news with nipples


Trigger warning – this post discusses sexual violence.


It’s tough being a woman. We just walk down the street and then, out of nowhere, an assault happens to us. We need to be particularly careful of these disembodied assaults that just hang around until they can happen at someone. At least, that’s the impression I get when journalists report on violence against women: men don’t assault women, it’s just that women have assaults happen to them.

Today’s story is awful. On Sunday morning, a group of men kidnapped a woman and raped her. I can’t imagine how terrified she must have been and how much it must have hurt. I can’t imagine how any victim of a crime like this copes in the weeks, months, and years afterwards. I really hope that this post does not add to her trauma because that is not my intention at all…

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