Seriously in the moment…it takes work for me but this is a good exercise. Thank you.


This is a very effective exercise that helps to relax the mind by slowing your thoughts down and shifting – or diverting – your focus away from unpleasant internal struggles you may experience.

You are going to be using 3 senses:

1: Sight (peripheral vision)

2: Hearing

3: Touch

You can do the exercise speaking out loud or silently.

Do not worry if you find the exercise difficult at first, it will get easier with practice. It is the doing of it that is important – not being good at it. If you lose the thread at any point, just start again.

Here goes:

Sit or lie in a comfortable position and fix your gaze on a certain object in the room. Start by noticing what you can see in your peripheral vision.

Here is an example of what you might say to yourself:-

I can see –
My coffee…

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