I Will Not Go Quietly

I could probably write for a while about Tim Freedman and The Whitlams songs that resonate with me.  The last song I shared the words to (which I realised later is actually called Cries Too Hard, the album is Torch The Moon) was a raw song.  If you follow this link* HERE you can see the film clip for my celebration song.  My in-your-face, you can’t stop me song.  It is a reminder to myself that even when I am feeling the darkest moments, stretched too thin by the whole experience/process/whatever this is…to THEM, I sing this song.  It’s called I Will Not Go Quietly (I’m sure about that!).

Loud, with daggy exaggerated dance moves.

Poking my tongue out.

Ner, ner, I’m still he-re *blows raspberry*

Turn it up.  I’m gonna dance.

*Note:  I had to just share the link because I cannot embed a video in here until I upgrade my wordpress package 😦 

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