Who Cares?

It has dawned on me that the institute responsible for my ‘professional’ status (and that of the other unprofessional professionals who have turned this into my worst nightmare) may be waiting for the sexual offender’s registration as a teacher to simply run out rather than have to address the issue as it deserves to be dealt with.

Am I slow? I wouldn’t have thought so but if registration is for five years…BAM, here we are! His registration will lapse at the end of this year. I think mine lasts another year as the first year is Provisional (like P plates for drivers). If he does not reapply for teaching status, the institute can simply cross their fingers and hope he never does apply. Wow! They’ll save themselves the time and money involved in their ‘investigation’. And I will be ignored. Again.

It was over a year ago that I got a call from the legal department within the institute. The caller said, “You deserve to be heard. We need to look into this, because it was so much more than the sexual offences, wasn’t it?”

Yes, it was. Though the sexual offences alone should be enough to see his registration cancelled, his guilty plea an admission that he is not fit to be working with vulnerable children and young teachers. He never wanted to teach anyway and his educational impact on the community was negligable. That is putting it kindly. Have I told you this before? That he said, “I knew I’d be made a boss at school because I have a penis. Everybody knows men are promoted faster…and now look at me. I have control over all these women, including you”.  Sounds like a real asset to the profession, yes?


Up until now I have been paying my annual fee to remain a registered teacher. I didn’t want to let go. I hoped I could be at school again. I wanted to be with the kids. I got the 2013 invoice in the mail yesterday. For the first time I thought I wouldn’t pay. What’s the point? But if I let my registration lapse, I am admitting something. That it’s over.

Realising that is one thing. A terrible thing for me. Coming to the conclusion that the institute has taken a delibate choice to avoid dealing with this is another big blow.  Though I shouldn’t be that shocked.

So my mentor didn’t care.  “You heard him.  He wasn’t getting any at home”

My principal didn’t care.  “That’s not what I’d call rape”

The department didn’t care.  “You were emotional and your principal was new to the job, he cannot be held accountable” and “Does it say in the Mentor Manual that they have to stop sexual assault?  Does it?  No!  So why did you think it was her job?”

The institute doesn’t care.  I can’t quote them because after interviewing me over seven hours, they’ve been silent for more than a year.

Who cares?

Not the insurance company or WorkCover.  I called to say that I couldn’t get childcare for the day I was booked in to have my next psychiatric assessment to justify being paid.  Are you still affected?  YES.  GOODBYE.  The representative stated that my payments may be suspended on that basis.  I called my lawyer (thank god I have them – join your Union, folks, quicksmart!) and they are trying to contact the company.  I’ve run out of tissues.

To add insult to injury, this was not waterproof mascara.  So now I also look like a Hallowe’en character.


3 thoughts on “Who Cares?

  1. I am new to your blog and do not know your story. But you have my thoughts as you deal with this. So little gets accomplished anymore, even on fronts where you’d think people would step up,do their job with compassion and empathy, and care. Even a little bit of caring gets things done.

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