I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

I’m not sure I can adequately express my surprise, delight, profound gratitude…

Some amazing and talented women read my spur-of-the-moment entry into the Heart category of the BlogHer Voices of the Year 2012.  I am honoured that they gave a few moments of their lives to read my entry (The Need To Roar) let alone select it as an Honorary Voice of 2012.

One word resonates so loudly that I can barely think of anything else.  VOICE. 

The idea of someone on the other side of the world reading my entry was enough to thrill me.  Maybe they’d feel something.  Think it was nice.  They would assure that my plea to be heard, not just hurtled ‘out into cyberspace’ like I thought when I wrote it.  Just because they read it.

But something AMAZING happened.  Those creative women that make their voices heard, share their hearts and connect us all through their words…they heard me loud and clear.  And by making me an Honorary Voice of the Year, the women that judged this category have turned up the volume on my little microphone and amplified my roar. 

This accidental (serendipitous?) event has given me such a lift.  I feel powerful.  I feel validated.  I feel heard.

What a gift. 

What I started here, to try and unburden some of this heavy load, has evolved into a freedom roar.  I’m not crying before you, I’m stating the facts.  Often they are difficult.  Sometimes they hurt.  But from now on they can also be something I am proud of. 

Turning the tables on the bad guys is awesome!

Many, many thanks for hearing my voice.  And get ready.  The talking has barely begun…

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