It means a great deal to me that people read these words for just a glimpse of the man Jim Stynes was…

From A Whisper To A Roar

There is nothing in this post that represents words sufficient to describe such a remarkable human being as he. I’m too emotional, a bit numb and still a somewhat in denial. The person who accidentally became my catalyst for positive change, my Saviour, my hero. The giant man who had a heart bigger than a thousand of his peers, is gone now. His heart has stopped beating but his spirit is most certainly alive. Well, it will be when the crying stops. It is sad to lose anyone. Sad to watch parents live on after their child. Heart wrenching to see a wife stand by her husband as he battles a formidable, deadly cancer and holds him as he takes his last breath. Beyond comprehension to imagine how two primary school age children experience all of this under the public eye, then contemplate life after he is gone. So. Very…

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