Just the Wake Up I Needed: The ABC Award

Um, wow!  I have been in a funk.  Some good days, some ‘business’ days dealing with the System…a psych review and already a booking for another one (it’s been five years, I’m not sure what they think will change in a month *sigh*).  I couldn’t summon the emotional energy to post.  It takes a lot out of me to really write and bare the truth.  It makes me feel great in a lot of ways but I found after the ‘honeymoon’ period of starting the blog I had a little burn out, perhaps.  But a kindly post by iamnotshe has woken me up!  I’ve been slow to even respond to that (sorry, Melissa!) but I was just as excited as primary school to see the word ‘award’ (some things never change, classic overachieving nerd).  I don’t really know how these things work so I’m going to take the award explanation from iamnotshe’s post and have a go…

The rules for the award are very simple.
(1) Acknowledge whoever sent you the award;
(2) Nominate the blogs that have touched you.
NOTE: Try not to freak out, I know there are bunches …
(3) Give us a list; A-Z of what you think describes you.
Your choice 

So, first may I officially acknowledge iamnotshe for taking the time to read my blog and especially for including me in her mentions…thank you!  I can’t recall now how I found her blog but it certainly stood out as I meandered through the words of so many new amazing writers, willing to bare their hearts and souls about topics usually kept a dark secret in everyday life.  Blogs offer a unique, accessible opportunity for soldiers like Melissa to share and communicate with others.  A post you throw out one day may have a profound affect on the life or thinking of a reader you will never even know.  That’s amazing. Powerful.  Exciting.

Reading iamnotshe’s blog is like a peek into a beautiful scrapbook; poetry, information, deeply personal musings and artwork.  If the words don’t resonate with you, perhaps the imagery will.  She must be a very talented lady.

Being able to ‘talk’ about that which is ordinarily unspeakable has made me feel stronger and more powerful than before.  Especially with investigations and legal issues going on (where I must maintain a ‘low profile’ lest I be judged on my words or actions as if they are related to being the victim of these crimes FIVE YEARS AGO), cracking open my own little space on the Internet where I may speak freely has allowed me to FLY.  Being able to read the personal words of others, recognising the frailties and agony as similar to my own has been nothing short of miraculous.  Spend too long in your own thoughts and you don’t have a benchmark for fair or reasonable anymore.  Can’t tell if you’re being too judgmental, punishing yourself.

I honestly thank every blogger who has made the brave and very cool decision to embrace this opportunity and inspire others along the way. Your reach is even further than you will ever know.

I like lots of blogs for different reasons…no one is just their catchy title.  Don’t tell my lawyer but sometimes I like to laugh.  I like to be inspired.  I like LIFE.  These bloggers remind me why:

http://www.edenriley.com/ The cowboy boots/Converse, red hair, Eminem love are all a bonus.  If you’ve read her stuff, you know what I’m talking about.  Real. Raw. With power.  She just f*cking rocks xx

femaleptsd  She’s so freaking BRAVE.  A soldier who keeps fighting and by being able to read about her journey, I am using some ideas for myself and inspired by her guts.  Thank you.

hiddenbeth She is standing up against bullies BAM!  She is using her pain as power BAM!  She gets others on board because louder is better WINNER

Deb at www.homelifesimplified.com.au  Don’t let the title narrow your idea of what Deb writes about…she is the creator of the Simplify Your Life Challenge which I sometimes (not often enough) use to inspire my blog posts.  Awesome idea, awesome woman.

Four different women, varied writing styles and topics.  The common thread?  What I admire?

Guts.  Honesty.  Fighting the good fight.  Celebration.  Meaning. Never giving up.  Thank you, ladies!

Finally, (I NEVER make a long story short), my A-Z.  I think I’ll make it about Things That Make Me Smile.  In the ‘Hell Yeah, Life Is Cool’ way. The ‘You Can’t Stop Me From Having This, You Bastards’ way.

A:  ABC for Kids.  Kids shows.  Fun.  Laughter.  Life lessons demonstrated by animal characters that entrance my toddler and make him giggle.  Nothing short of magic, friends.

B:  Babies!  They are the most beautiful, perfect, wondrous miracles of biology.  They make my eyes leak.  A lot.

C:  Coffee.  I’ll take good instant coffee most days.  I’m no snob.  Not too much milk, please.  It’s six a day.  Oh no, where do I put chocolate now??

D:  Doona:  Quilt, whatever I had to call it in England (?).  You know, the feathery, squishy goodness of warmth that cocoons your body and says ‘don’t get up, stay here in bed and snuggle’.

E:  Eminem, of course.  I’m a soldier.

F:  Fireworks turn me into a slack-jawed clapping machine.  Ah, the pretty colours!

G:  Giggling!  I love it when kids giggle, I super love it when I do.  I love laughing so hard that I cry and roll on the floor like a maniac. Laughing is the best.  Before this crap, I was Little Miss Giggles.  I demand that title back!

H:  Hugs.  Enough said.

I:  The Internet.  It is a many-faced beast, such good and evil amongst its layers.  But in there I have found you all and an abundance of other awesome stuff.

J:  Jokes.  I am a fool.  Class clown.  I love to tell my stories (or yours) with drama and delight.  I relish moments to break the ice, turn a frown into a smile, start a laughter riot.  It’s an awesome power.  It’s one of the things that made me so good at my job.  Have fun, get into the moment.  Be ridiculous. 

K:  Kith (friends) and kin (family).  Now matter how many or how few, special people make life so special.  Sharing the journey is a beautiful thing.

L:  Lions, of course.  They’re beautiful and strong.  Could purr or rip your face off.  Protective.  They can ROAR.  Love.

M:  Music, man!  Angry music, beautiful music, blues, jazz, classical. Eminem fires me up, Judy Garland makes me feel like a movie star, John Butler is like salve to the wounded soul and Angus and Julia Stone are what angels must sound like.  Sigh.

N:  Nail polish.  Colours!  Decorating my fat little fingers and toes. Every colour of the rainbow.  And so often black.  Ha!

O:  Originality.  Uniqueness.  Being different.  In myself and in people I discover.  In kids.  Cultures.  Countries.  It’s real.  It’s cool to be yourself!

P:  Protests.  People power.  Using your voice.  Saying something.  Speaking up. It thrills me.

Q:  Quizzes.  I am a nerd.  I’ve told you.  Questions, puzzles, crosswords, problems.  Finding an answer, solving a riddle.  Natural high.

R:  Rainbows.  They are my SIGNS, Eden.  (see here)  A kid I looked after once explained the scientific details of rainbow creation to me.  I was torn between being in awe of his smarts and saying, ‘Dude, that’s not true…they are my SPECIAL SIGN THAT EVERYTHING’S OK, so shut up!’

S:  Detective Stabler.  Sorry.  I LOVE him.

T:  Travel.  Taking a minute to stand in a new place and think, ‘I never want to forget that I was HERE’.  I remembered that I once was in Paris today (while watching ABC for Kids, huh!) and it was a thrill.

U:  Unicorns.  They’re not real but they are really pretty and magical. And sometimes I imagine they could turn rogue and spear my enemies with their wonderful twirly horn.  Too much?  

V:  Verbalising.  Talking.  Chatting.  Yapping. Debating.  Justifying. Words.  I love using ’em.  

W:  Words.  I love linguistics.  I get excited by learning new words. They can evoke images of any concept imaginable – and some you’d not dare.  I’m using boring ones now but words tell stories, communicate feelings, inspire strength and unity.  

X:  For me, X means kisses.  If I write to you I usually add far too many kisses at the end.  But that’s cool.  I even do it on twitter or in emails.  X’s are also a sign of gratitude, smiles, thanks xxx

Y:  Yummy food…almost everything there is.  Food is glorious. Texture, smell, taste.  I just wish someone would cook it for me…

Z: Zoos.  Not the whole ‘in captivity’ thing, but the chance to be amazed at the wonderful creations of nature.  I never get sick of thinking ‘how did ‘they’ come up with that design?’  How does a zebra have those amazing stripes?  A giraffe’s neck – what the hell??  Crazy 🙂

So that is my A-Z of things that make me happy.  It’s taken ages to write this but it feels good.  Thanks for the opportunity, Melissa!

I wonder if the bloggers I nominated will play with this idea?  If anyone else does, send me a link?  Shout out?  I’d love to read what you come up with.

3 thoughts on “Just the Wake Up I Needed: The ABC Award

  1. Thanks so much – love this list – I love that fireworks make you clap happy and i also use xx’s to sign off (i wonder if people think it is strange when i do it on facebook pages with my 2 x’s). I hope you are doing well – stay strong!! you are an awesome woman too! xx

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