The Ringmaster Didn’t Pay Up

Awwwww, maaaaaaaan…*whining*

I wrote this morning about what it feels like to be required to constantly prove myself (my damaged self) for the insurance company and my ex-employers.

I jump through the hoops when required, and I am polite about it even though I want to tell them to shove it – I am a person, not a circus freak.

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And today I found I hadn’t been paid despite said hoop-jumping. The rent’s due.  But you can’t pay me?  Why is that?  My monthly medical certificate happened not to cover the whole ‘pay period’ on your computer system, but was covered on a separate certificate I’d faxed to you? Yes, two pieces of paper would have been confusing, I’m sure.  I really should organise those shitty sessions with the Doc with your needs at the top of my list of concerns. So you didn’t contact me about this wacky anomaly? Though you know I am a long-term recipient of this supplementary wage?  I have to wait another fortnight to be paid anything?

Thank you.  For my next trick, I will live off beans and toast and attempt to barter with the landlord for the rent…you unfeeling bitch.

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