My Happy Place: Baltimore, Maryland with Tracey Turnblad

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You can file this one under pure escapism. I don’t know if you’ve seen Hairspray.  I have. Eleven times at the cinema.  I ordered the dvd direct from the USA.  I needed to own it.  Have it on tap.

I can see why I liked it.  I have always loved musicals.  I used to dance ballet and jazz.  I so wanted to be on stage as an adult but I was too shy.  I loved the movie for the humour.  And hey, the timing was right.  It was released when I was dying inside, the pressure of silence strangling me.  But there was a bit more in the story that helped buck me up.  It’s the battle of the underdog to rise above the bullies (ok, flat out bitches).  The message, it’s ok to be me. And the almost secondary storyline of coming together to find a voice and fight ‘popular’ opinion and negative attitudes.  I got a lot out of that.  In this story Tracey Turnblad did the unthinkable (a few times) but what I loved was that she ‘crossed the picket lines’ and walked with her African American friends in a peaceful protest to end segregation on television. Obviously it is a humorous take on this battle.  But the act of bravery Tracey engages in kept my head above water for a long time and was worth much more than the cost of a cinema ticket.  Or ten.

“I think I’ve kind of been in a bubble… thinking that fairness was gonna just happen. It’s not. People like me are gonna have to get up … and go out and fight for it”

Tracey Turnblad


One thought on “My Happy Place: Baltimore, Maryland with Tracey Turnblad

  1. I love musicals too and Tracey is a definite hero….My husband works in a high school theatre dept. and last year they did HAIRSPRAY…I was in heaven! She is the antidote to depression for sure.

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